SpectRL: Arakhon's Ascension is a browser-based retro fantasy roguelike turn-based RPG about a dragonspawn who wants to ascend to the highest plane of existence. The game is set in the multidimensional world of Spect, featuring procedurally-generated 6-dimensional dungeons.

As Arakhon, the despised ciblityian dragonspawn, your goal is to reach Aligibaia, the highest plane of Spect. In addition to width, height, and depth, the world of Spect also has the dimensions of the color spectrum, the substantial structure, and the substantial surface. Therefore everything and everyone has a number of different versions in this world. Every version of them has a different structure, surface, and color, but deep inside, they are still the same. So keep in mind, animate or inanimate, some of them will help you, some of them will hurt you, based on which plane they are on.

      Code and ASCII art

      original content made by Zoltan Kosina 
      Licensed under the Unlicense

      Code Toolkit

      rot.js ©2012-2019 Ondrej Zara
      Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised"


      Unprepared ©2019 Joshua McLean (mrjoshuamclean.com)
      Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 
      Free and free for personal use from dafont.com


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Watch Text Only Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Feedback Part 1/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Beat it.  The game feels a bit much like wandering aimlessly. I know 3^6 is only 729 different rooms and you are only in danger in red ones but wandering between them takes a very long time and has no clear objective besides sticking to blue until the end or if you have run out of rooms-- you may well have to go down before you can go up in any given direction.  I'm glad there is an end screen, though, that is nice.

Maaaan, even I never beat the game. I'm glad that I made an end screen, even if it was just for you! Congratulations! Honestly, you earned it!

The directional stuff is fine but what I don't get is what is this game doing??? Sometimes "c" gives potions sometimes it asks me to trade gold with it other times it attacks and kills me and random symbols change the game pages and the colors make no sense and the random drawing of dots and "C's" if I was to take a guess sure it almost seems like I'm moving in a dungeon and maybe taking doors or stairs sure but tbh I don't get the concept of this game or what it's asking me to do but meh at least I tried it :)

6D can be very confusing indeed, especially with the limitation of ASCII display, but you got it even better than most of the others. See,'C' is wall, and 'c' is an NPC, but it's not how they look ('c'), that determines their behavior, but their environment (blue/green/red).

Thank for trying and commenting. 

This is certainly very interesting. The multidimensional concept (and the music, actually, even though it's not yours) reminds me of a game called Hyperrogue.I'm just unsure if anything results from exploring this game so far, though if there were clear objectives I bet it would be very fun to keep track of a six-dimensional position while exploring. Perhaps you could check out my game as well, and provide feedback. I would appreciate it!

Thanks for the feedback!

I didn't know Hyperrogue before, but it looks intense, definitely worth a try. 

I think the main difference between the two is that my game's geometry is indeed Euclidean but in a higher dimension.

Don't worry about the objectives. Unfortunately, they came after the initial idea of creating and displaying a traversable six-dimensional perfect maze. The only goal is to go from 2,2,2,2,2,2 to 0,0,0,0,0,0, and that's it. NPCs in their current state are more like distractions than integral parts of the experience.

I always knew that I have an unusual attraction to surreal puzzles like this, and can't expect that everybody has the same, so thanks for giving it a try. 

Cool idea.I see what you mean by substantial structure and surface (i.e. font and A,B,C walls) but I'm not sure which you mean by which.  Music is good.  Now you just need the game part.

Nice catch. Structure is ABC, surface is font. :)