You are Emmanuel de Rouge, the professor of archeology. Through research you learned about a forgotten Aztec temple that holds the golden feather of divine powers, the Amulet of Quetzalcoatl.  You decided to get it and finally found the island, but your rivals followed you. They will try to get the feather at all costs.


  • Code: by Zoltan Kosina ( Licensed under the Unlicense
  • Tool: rot.js by Ondrej Zara ( Licensed under BSD3 Clause New or Revised
  • Art: by Clifford Tull ( Licensed under the Unlicense
  • Music: by Elijah Fisch ( Licensed under the Unlicense
  • Sound: by Zapsplat ( Licensed under Zapsplat Standard License


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I liked the visual style of this game (apart from unreadable font:) playing nice with music.

The puzzle is cool element of the game and very roguelike'ish.

There are maybe too many bullets to find around the map, it's very easy to proceed if you only find a gun.

Thank you! Next time I'll try to add some kind of dodge system, and make sure that you can find a gun only on lower levels.

Racing the other adventures is an interesting concept but I find I get a lot of death messages before I even reach the temple :)  They seem to really charge in head first.  I made it down to the snake but it kept resurrecting, I must be missing something because I couldn't get past this.  I really enjoyed the setting and premise, I'll give it another shot again to try and find out how to deal with the snake.


Thanks for the feedback. Yep, the resurrecting boss is the only puzzle in the game. Look out for the symbols on the floor and read the event log. It also helps if you pay attention to these symbols throughout the whole game. If you still can't figure out how to solve this puzzle, I can give you more clues.

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It's best to enter the temple as fast as possible would be my suggestion. That and move cautiously 1 step at a time!