A bullettless bullet-hell about the New Horizons probe with procedurally generated asteroid fields to evade.

In 2026 New Horizons will fly by its second Kuiper Belt Object, Nowwanus.

You have to navigate through the asteroid fields using the asteroid location predictions based on the space dust analytics of the VBSDC subsystem.

You also have to take valuable pictures of the asteroids with the Ralph to keep us funded and let us invest in different research projects.

Better ways to use the RTG will grant us more power to take pictures, better image compression for the Ralph will give us bigger pictures, and better analytics for the VBSDC will let us notice the asteroids earlier, providing us more time to find a way through them.

Art by CraftPix and Zoltan Kosina

Fonts by Typodermic Fonts

Music by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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